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Deadfellow, the stage name of indie folk-rocker Hayden Sammak, drew inspiration for his most recent album from a band he doesn't care for: The Beach Boys. Sammak, a Philadelphia native, has never understood the appeal of the surf-rock legends. So, naturally, he spent six months listening to their music —  and nothing else — and channeled their iconic California sound in his June EP "Mescalifornia: A California Dream."
The unconventional tribute album, Sammak told IndieBeat, is a "look at love through the lens of the post-talent bastardization of the search for the iconic California Dream.” "Mescalifornia" is actually the second in a trilogy of concept albums. The third and final record in Sammak's caustic exploration of modern-day romance, "Millennials in Love," is set to be released this fall.

And now, with his Beach-Boys-only era behind him, Sammak is free to fall asleep to whatever sounds he wants, Pet or otherwise. So what's playing when he nods off? "I fall asleep by listening to the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast with Tom Rosenbauer," Sammak told Van Winkle's. "I listen to it literally every night and rarely make it past the fifteen-minute mark. He starts each podcast with a selection of reader submitted questions. It’s great."
But, for nights when Sammak doesn't feel like winding down to advice on catching brook trout, he put together an eight-song playlist. "I think the key is to make the playlist a sort of musical Russian Roulette," he said. "Be sure to use the shuffle function." 
He also made sure to include a "surprise song," just to keep things interesting. "I’ve created an otherwise mellow playlist except for the real star, Metallica’s 1986 hit, “Master of Puppets,"' Sammak explained.
But the real surprise song? God Only Knows, by none other than The Beach Boys. 
Check out the rest of Sammack-slash-Deadfellow's bedtime playlist: