Theresa Fisher

Theresa Fisher is VW's science editor. She does her best sleeping in the early morning light and her best thinking late at night.

Signing Off: Van Winkle's is Saying Goodbye and Good Luck
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We'll see you in your dreams.
Fall Asleep to Ghost Against Ghost's Bedtime Playlist
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When it's time to fall asleep, composer-slash-producer-slash-everything Christopher Bono relies on his favorite classical composers to "induce sleepy visions."
Stock Photo Sites Rarely Show Babies Sleeping Properly
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Only about 5 percent of stock photos meet all the infant safe-sleep guidelines.
Why We Should Pay Attention to Sleep in the Wake of a Natural Disaster
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What's being done to help survivors of natural disasters get the sleep they need?
Help! I Haven't Been Able to Sleep Since My Cat Died
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Three experts weigh in on one person's sleep problem.
Fall Asleep to Vulfpeck's Bedtime Playlist
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The funk jam band's drummer and keyboardist, Jack Stratton, says eating beans has stabilized his sleep more than any blackout curtain could.
Study: Let Your Dog Into Your Bedroom (If You Want)
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Is the one with the waggly tail your go-to bedfellow?
Seven Things to Know About the Link Between Sleep and Academic Performance
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A new study shows that even 18 minutes more sleep can have a significant impact, and more.
Is Insomnia Really an Epidemic?
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Or have we just medicalized sleeplessness?