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Last week, Cara Delevingne did as actors do, and embarked on a press tour to promote her new movie Paper Towns, adapted from the popular John Green novel. One of Delevigne's interviews took place on Good Morning Sacramento the morning after the film’s New York premiere. And it was stupendously awkward. While the jazzed-up morning-show hosts blamed the uncomfortable dynamic on Delevingne, it was their own antagonism that sunk the conversation. After the 22-year-old model-slash-actress provided a few sarcastic responses, the hosts accused her of being insufficiently excited and low on energy, before bidding Delevingne adieu by suggesting she take a nap and, maybe, grab a redbull.

All that was missing was someone telling Delevingne to “smile, honey.”

Was Delevingne a ball of saccharine energy? No, but she wasn’t rude either. She shouldn’t have to giggle her way through a four-minute interview to avoid being admonished for her dour disposition. Had the interview been with Delevingne’s male co-star, it’s hard to imagine that the Good Morning crew would have given him the same hard time for displaying slight sarcasm. Maybe he’d earn a reputation as pensive or, at the worst, uncomfortable with his burgeoning fame.

But a young actress who didn’t complain about exhaustion, or even so much as yawn, was told to go take a nap, code for “stop being who you are and act like the bubbly, eager-to-please actress we expect.”

Delevingne has been known to fall asleep during interviews, but in this case, she wasn’t the one who needed to wake up.