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Season six of Pretty Little Liars began with Spencer and the other liars spending three weeks as hostages in a demented dollhouse, each trapped in an exact replica of her bedroom, enduring various forms of torture that we’re slowly learning about in fragmented, sepia-tinted flashbacks.

After escaping, the Liars went to the hospital, where doctors prescribed all the pills to the impeccably tressed trauma victims. Well, except for Spencer, whose mom declined to let her daughter take “anti-anxiety pills for sleeping.” Why? Because Spence has a history of abusing “study drugs.” Like any reasonable person, bleary-eyed Spencer then scored a few pills from Kewpie-eyed Aria. (The show doesn’t name names when it comes to meds, but we’ve decided they’re benzos — let’s say Xanax, for simplicity’s sake.)

In a thread on this week’s episode, Aria explains she threw out her Xanies because they gave her horrible headaches, and by doing so cut off Spence’s supply. Desperate, Spencer heads to Aria’s house, where she rifles through the trash. Amidst coffee grounds, uneaten takeout and whatever else the under-parented Montgomery kids throw away, Spencer finds an empty pill bottle.

Shortly thereafter, Spencer’s hanging at the Brew, doing some light crime-solving on her iPad and chatting with Ezra Fitz, former english teacher, Brew owner and adult boyfriend of her BFF. Fitz mentions that the Brew’s new baker, Sabrina, has scrip for medical marijuana on account of her migraines.

Naturally, Spencer consults Sabrina for something to “calm her nerves.” You know, because of the PTSD from all the bedroom torture. Sabrina says she won’t sell pot but will gift it. So Spencer places her order and returns later to pick up her baked-good ganja. Fitz catches her in the act and warns her about something or other. Spencer replies that she can’t F-ing sleep, if that wasn’t obvious enough from her signature undereye bags, and makes off with her self-medication.

No joke, Spencer needs to log real rest. She’s spent most of her high school years running from, tracking down or trapped by a murderous psychopath. Or in jail. Or in the local Victorian-era sanitarium. Or at funerals for people who haven’t actually died. Or, on occasion, making out with her adult sister’s beaus. And she didn’t get into Penn, you guys.

It is, in essence, negligent and nearly cruel to deny Spencer sleeping assistance, be it from pills, plants or therapy. A doctor could monitor her medication, but forcing an inordinately stressed and traumatized teenager to just deal with the racing thoughts that keep her up at night can’t be the right solution. So, it actually does seem reasonable for Spencer to resort to pot. It’s basically legal and less addictive than plenty of other options.

Let’s just hope she got the right kind. When it comes to inducing drowsiness, heavy Indica strains, such as Pure Kush, Durban Poison or God’s Gift, are popular choices. And research suggests that, for treating insomnia, many people prefer ingesting weed over smoking or vaping, so Spencer was smart to request an edible.

But do the same strains help insomnia and migraines, the supposed affliction of Spencer’s supplier? It depends. Migraine sufferers could use a variety of strains. Some are Indica-heavy and others, such as Blue Dream, are Indica-Sativa hybrids, which may be too energizing for bedtime.

Does Spencer unknowingly scarf down a pure-Sativa brownie, protecting her from migraines she doesn’t get and giving her stimulation she doesn’t need? Is Sabrina trustworthy? Maybe we’ll find out next week, or in the season finale, given the show’s bias against plot continuity.

Until then, Rest in Pot, Spencer H.