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Two episodes ago on Pretty Little Liars, Spencer threw out the world’s longest-lasting pot cookie (initially procured to quell insomnia) after she ran into Dean, her former sober coach. Dean is also one of the show’s pride of 20-something heartthrobs on the prowl for a high school girlfriend. Then, last week, we suffered through an entire episode with nary a mention of Spence staying up all night or hot-boxing all day.

This week marked the return of Spencer’s hookup for chronic — the Brew’s flighty new baker, Sabrina. She won’t sell as much as a single dime-bag, but she will bestow upon strangers nattily wrapped edibles. Specifically, pot-infused gummy bears. Naturally, the cannabis candy came with a handwritten note. Why aren’t all weed dealers so thoughtful?

True to form, Spencer made no effort to conceal her gummies from Toby, her cop boyfriend. Spotting the tantalizing package in his girlfriend’s messenger bag, and assuming the special treats to be run-of-the-mill sweets, Toby decided to nosh. He was soon incapacitated by the ganja gummies, but only viewers and Spencer were clued in to the source of his beedy eyes, blurred vision and abrupt loss of muscle coordination. 

The worst part? Toby was this close to finally nabbing A, the murderous mastermind who’s somehow evaded his capture a dozen-or-so times. But Spencer ruins everything.

I think — I think — the show is trying to send a message that self-medicating is a bad idea. But I’m holding out hope that Spencer stops apologizing and tells Toby to keep his hands off her candy. Although, Dean — gamely waiting in the eaves for his underage love — probably won’t leave Spencer and her anxiety-calming treats alone either. 

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