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Last we left off, insomnia-addled Spencer lost her hookup for “anxiety meds for sleeping” and decided to self-medicate with pot.

With the purchase of a single cannabis cookie, last night’s episode saw Spencer become a giggling, sexting, AA-meeting-crashing stoner. The once-shrewdest Liar toted a Ziploc bag containing her THC-infused treat throughout the school day, making every attempt to protect her cookie and zero attempts to hide it. Granted, Rosewood High School is the sort of educational institution where killers sit next to you in AP French, teens live in the vents and attendance is mandatory for costume balls (but optional for class), but still — be cool, Spencer.

Hannah, of course, was onto her.

“First you’re texting Toby like some dog in heat, and then you’re gumming at that cookie like my grandma.” Then, later in the scene: “Are you buzzed? You have the same look in your eyes as a girl in my government class who hums and makes chokers out of paper clips.”

Government class?

Spencer’s portion-controlled enjoyment of her baked good kept her nicely baked all day long. As an unabashed champion of Spencer’s mental well-being, I’ll take glassy eyes over tears.

Of course, no pop culture portrayal of pot-smoking is complete without the munchies. When Spencer walks in (late) to an AA meeting, she’s scolded for hoarding brownies. But, hey, look who’s also in attendance — Dean, Spencer’s hot “sober coach” from last season. Naturally, he gives her a ride and convinces her to ditch the cookie. Somehow, despite noshing all day, a few sizeable chunks were still left.

Are Spencer’s cookie days behind her? Is Spencer hooked on sexting? Is Dean hooked on Spencer? How long until she discovers Oxy?

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