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Shania Twain famously said the best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun. (Because women never deal with uninvited consequences when they exercise their right to let loose, but fine.) Maybe Shania would agree that one of the less-rad things about being an American woman who buys stuff in stores (to keep herself powder-fresh and fit for public consumption) is the requirement to spend a little more.
To "spend like a woman," statistically speaking, means allocating more of one's paycheck to personal upkeep than a man typically does. For starters, women buy a higher number of beauty, health and hygeine products than men do. Then there's the notorious "Pink Tax": an adorable nickname for the extra amount women pay for otherwise comparable drugstore items and health services. A pack of lady razors, for example, tends to be pricier than its gentleman-tailored equivalent. 
Glamour put together this short split-screen video comparing what men and women spend on morning grooming routines; it handily shows how the cost of the XX life = (men's expenses) x (a lot).
The recent uptick in sleep-centric beauty products — makeup and skincare intended for overnight use — helps women hemorrhage money on a 24-hour cycle. Thanks to nighttime concealer, I have a few more pimples and a few less dollars. But, when the fire alarm goes off at 3 a.m., I'll be grateful for my sun-kissed t-zone and dramatic lashes. Man, I feel like a woman.