Med thumb iphone cropped

Everyone with a cellphone and a pulse has typed out a message they regret. Maybe it was a Netflix and chill invitation that went to the wrong recipient or perhaps you sexted an ex after housing a bottle of cab and listening to Adele’s “Hello” one too many times. Hey — it happens.

Luckily Jaime Moehlenkamp of Kansas City hasn’t sent any embarrassing messages, yet. But she often pecks out messages she stares at confoundedly in the morning. Her fingers are wide awake — even when she’s fast asleep.

As reported by KMBC 9 News, Moehlenkamp has been sleepwalking ever since she was a child. But in recent years, she’s been texting in her her sleep, sending her friends messages at all hours of the night that make no sense.

Neurologist Dr. Rachel Salas told KMBC 9 that sleep texting is becoming more and more common as people start falling asleep with their phones (nearly 75 percent of people do). The key to avoiding this is simple, but difficult at the same time: Keep your phone out of the bedroom.

But, wait. Is “sleep texting” now a valid excuse? Good thing to remember the next time we see an ill-advised message in the morning.