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The Lucas Bros are Hollywood’s busiest identical twin actor-writer-comedians since the Sklar Brothers, and they boast a truly frightening ratio of sleep versus creative output. Consider a brief catalogue of what Keith and Kenny create on roughly five hours of sleep each night:

• Their sketch series Friends of the People, currently wrapping up its first season on TruTv;
• Their animated series Lucas Bros. Moving Co., enjoying its second season on FXX;
• Their Comedy Central web series The Super Late Morning Show
• A hush-hush live-action series currently in development with Fox;
• Their standup appearances,
and, finally,
• A delightful turn in the 2014 comedy 22 Jump Street.

It’s too much. Way too much. But the L Bros are just getting started. We spoke to the pair about weird sleep habits, why Dream Kenny is a superior being and hotel rooms they'd rather not remember. 

You guys have a workload that would make most crumble. Do you keep a decent sleep schedule?

Kenny: I feel as though my sleep schedule is fairly regular. I mean, I try to get to bed by 10 or 11 p.m. every night. Usually, however, I’ll end up not going to sleep for another two hours. I think I need at least five hours to function at a regular pace. Otherwise, I’m a zombie.

Keith: Yeah, there’s no semblance of a regular schedule for me. I try to be asleep before 3 a.m. Normally, I’m in bed by 12 or 1 a.m., but won’t fall asleep until two-ish. It varies depending on the night.

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without any sleep?

Kenny: Probably two days. It was brutal but somehow I managed. I’ve done plenty of shows where I’m exhausted. It’s never pleasant.

Keith: I once camped out for Duke Basketball tickets. I was awake for 72 hours straight, and it was miserable. Fortunately, we won the national championship that year, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.  

Being on the road involves a lot of hotel. They can’t all be winners.

Kenny: They can’t.

Keith: Sure can’t.

Kenny: There was this crappy hotel in Michigan right outside of Detroit. The room smelled like cigarettes and our only option for fine dining was McDonald's.

Keith: Remember that Hollywood motel we had to stay in for a week? Paper thin comforters. That was just plain scary.

Kenny: But we slept at the Redbury in Hollywood, CA and essentially stayed in our own apartment for like three days. On top of that, the room service was spectacular.

Keith: That was solid, but the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. The room was incredibly large, and the amenities were on point.

Without a doubt, dream Kenny is far superior to conscious Kenny.

What’s your brother’s strangest sleep habit?

Keith: Kenny sleeps with his eyes barely open. It’s a remarkable sight.

Kenny: Whatever. Keith sleeps with a fan blowing directly into his face. He’s done it since I can remember. Honestly, I’m not sure why he does it.

What’s on your nightstand?

Kenny: I usually keep my notebook, a pen, and a book on my bedside table, which is actually a bedside chair because I’m strange.  

Keith: I’ve got Ta-Nahesi Coates’ new book, Between the World and Me, a pen, a notebook and a joint. 

Do either of you wake up and write stuff down?

Keith: From time to time. I think I came up with an idea for a TV show that we’re currently developing. I can't mention any specifics, but if it comes to fruition, I'll be sure to send you guys an update.

Kenny: I mean, usually the ideas are fragments of jokes or scene ideas. I had the idea for Lucas Bros. Moving Co. after waking up.

What about your weird dreams?

Kenny: I have all sorts of dreams regarding the future of my career. At times, it’s extremely positive like when I won an Emmy and danced with Jessica Alba. Other times, it’s pretty scary like that one time I kept getting booed off stage no matter where I performed. But, without a doubt, dream Kenny is far superior to conscious Kenny.

Keith: I don’t really dream about performing or anything for that matter. I have nightmares about getting chased all of the time.

He sleeps with his eyes barely open. It’s a remarkable sight.

You guys live together. What’s the most infuriating about sharing a place?

Keith: Kenny has his own bathroom, but still feels the need to use mine from time to time. I've officially banned him, but he does not follow rules.

Kenny: Keith refuses to do dishes but I still love him.