Med thumb calming video

I like to fall asleep to TV episodes I’ve seen a million times. In terms of inducing drowsiness, no white noise or fake eye exam video can rival the sound of George Costanza’s voice interspersed with canned laughter. “Co-stan-za” is my acoustic Ambien.

But if viral success and medical endorsement are any indication, Seinfeld playing softly is not the obvious choice for a sleeping soundtrack.

Here’s what is: an eight-hour video of an Irish stream, shot by artist Johnnie Lawson and uploaded to YouTube two years ago:

The video, according to the Hindustan Times, has racked up more than six million views since being uploaded two years ago. Even doctors have acknowledged its soporific potential. London hospitals use the video — and others by Lawon — to soothe intensive-care patients enrolled in clinical trials for PTSD.

No one’s arguing that singing birds, a babbling brook and the rustling of leaves could have calming effect. But is Lawson’s video special, or just very long and monotonous?