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Poor Judy Innes. She seems like a nice enough lady but, somehow, somewhere along the way she came to this awful moment in her life: Her bedroom was voted one of the ugliest in the entire world.

In a nationwide search for the drabbest, dullest sleep space in Australia, Innes’ bedroom reigned supreme. The search, conducted by lifestyle magazine The Home and design company Better Homes and Gardens, selected hers from hundreds of messy, unattended and otherwise sad private quarters.

On the upside, Judy (with her husband, Paul) will receive a bedroom makeover worth $13,000. This includes new furniture, blinds, carpet and wallpaper.

bad bedroom 1

“I’ve wanted to redo our bedroom ever since we bought the house, but it is such a big job so I just haven’t known where to start," Innes was quoted as saying on The Home website. “Needless to say, we are so excited to have won a makeover of our ugly bedroom!”

bad bedroom 2

What's so wrong with Innes’ room, exactly? Judging by the photos, the voters have an extreme hatred of floral patterns, which are smothering the walls and blinds. There’s also the horrifically mismatched blue couch, which needs to be thrown out immediately.

Overall, the room gives off “creepy dollhouse” vibes, sure. But, honestly, there’s nothing egregious going on. It’s actually quite clean, and Judy even keeps her bed made. As far as we’re concerned, that’s a sign of good character.

The real problem is, it lacks imagination. It lacks flavor. This room wouldn’t be out of a place on a sitcom about the world’s dullest B&B proprietors. Judy’s den is so devoid of personality, it’s a miracle she seems like such a warm, loving person in her photos.

judy innes

Good luck with your bedroom makeover, Judy. But we hope you stay exactly the way you are.