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Hillary Clinton is a lot of things: preoccupied with kitchen duties, skilled at using “On Fleek” in casual conversation, averse to silk-on-silk ensembles and too low on stamina to endure an 11-hour congressional hearing.

But what if those statements are false and Hillary Clinton actually does not care for baking mitts, demonstrates little proficiency with viral lingo, remains a loyal member of #teampantsuit and withstood almost half-a-day of increasingly petulant badgering about Benghazi with the power and grace of Hulk, en-pointe?

Oh, right.

Hill is a political force against whom I’d be loath to reckon. But Donald Trump is willing to reckon, in a surprising departure from his tendency toward careful consideration.

In a Fox News interview on Sunday, the Republican frontrunner criticized Clinton for taking campaign-trail breaks, which he believes shows she lacks the resolve to serve as president.

Clinton’s team “pick[s] a couple of people out of the audience that are like, you know, 100 percent,” said Trump. “She’ll sit around a little plastic table, they’ll talk to the people for a while. It’s ridiculous... And then she goes away for five or six days and you don’t see her. She goes to sleep.”

He’s not commenting on her health status, you see, but rather on her ability to lead the republic without crumpling like a tissue and hibernating through high season in the Hamptons.  

“I’m saying she’s not strong enough. No, no, not a health issue, I say she’s not strong enough to be president. We need a president who can go 24 hours a day seven days a week — she can’t do it.”

Clinton is Trump’s second target in his assault on lethargy, as he previously went after Jeb Bush for being weak and low-energy. To be fair, the GOP’s golden sleep-bragger isn’t insulting his competitors from the standpoint of a normal human who needs a full night’s sleep, but rather as part of the two percent of short-sleepers who chug along on two or three hours of shut-eye. Or so he’s said. We have our doubts.

Get your rest, Gert. Hell, spend New Year’s at that Swiss sleep sanitarium again. We’d like our commander-in-chief strong like Merkel and quick like Trudeau, and responding to accusations from a money-hemorrhaging hairball isn’t worth your energy.