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Maybe costumes were involved. Or whipped cream. Or costumes and whipped cream. Whatever the case, it’s safe to assume that when you were enjoying some of the best sex of your life, your eyes were open. But for some lucid dreamers, those who control their REM-fueled reveries and can create whatever scenarios they desire, the most memorable sexual escapades have taken place during sleep.

Lucid dreaming opens up practitioners to another world, one where normal rules don’t apply and anything is possible. (Want to play quidditch with Pterodactyls instead of broomsticks while being cooked for by Thomas Keller? Go for it.) Of course, since most fantasies are of the carnal variety, sex often takes the center stage. Many people learn how to lucid dream specifically to explore sexuality within the confines of their dream worlds.

“When I took her into my arms she was weightless since I had become the most powerful man in the world. It was greater than real life sex."

According to dream expert Lauri Loewenberg, dream sex feels very real because the body doesn't know the difference between a dream event and a waking one. “The brain sends the same signals to your nerve endings ‘down there’ that sex is happening, so the body reacts the same way.” In fact, some report that lucid orgasms can be accompanied by real physical responses, including increased heart rate, changes in vascular tissue and other muscular reactions. With the utter abandonment of inhibitions, the safety to explore and experiment, and the impossibility of waking up with a wicked STD, dream sex, for many, is an appealing act.

To find out more, we asked to several lucid dreamers about their naughtier dream experiences.

1. Choose your own adventur(ous) partner

“When I took the control of my dream, I made love to the first girl I saw. I then changed her to my high school lover. When I took her into my arms, she was weightless since I had become the most powerful man in the world. It was greater than real-life sex.”

2. Warming up for reality

“I have lucid dreams about sex on a frequent basis. Some are just me and my wife. Others involve threesomes, other women, and fictional or alien characters. And they are good enough to induce an orgasm. The dreams can fuel my writing creativity for days or weeks. And it makes me want to try new things with my wife.”


3. Getting some on the side

“Dream sex can be very satisfying in some respects. When my ex and I were having issues, I could, and usually would, dream very lucidly about engaging in sex with women I knew. The dreams were as real as they could be. Now that I’m with a more adventurous woman, the dreams have become more adventuresome. And while I have some erectile dysfunction issues when awake, when asleep and dreaming, not so much.”

4. A full body experience

“I could reach out and touch body parts. I swear I was feeling the same thing as if it were real. I could run my fingers through long lustrous hair! Skin was soft and pliable to the touch. It was absolutely amazingly real. And sometimes, if it was especially erotic, I’d experience the smells of perfume, sex, booze and cigarettes! I woke up having had an orgasm in my dream and still in bed.”

5. Experimenting with exes

“I have had dream sex with past girlfriends and girlfriends who I had never had sex with. Sometimes the mysteries that lay beneath their clothing are as pleasurable as the real thing! Undressing them revealed whatever I imagined I would see.”