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Once again, it's time to start the march towards cuffin season, the time of year when we seek out Netflix-and-chill partners to ride out the short and blustery winter days. Still, sometimes all we want is a warm body for platonic couch cuddling. You know, someone whose chest is begging to support your head; whose arm wraps around your shoulder just so. But also someone who doesn’t try to peel your clothes off during a Sherlock binge session. 

We’re talking, of course, about cuddle buddies. And, thanks to a number of new services, they’re easier to find than ever. (Think: Tinder for spooning, not sex.) Thus, we sorted through this increasingly crowded field to identify the best five. As with conventional dating sites, these apps let you scroll through potential partners, exchange messages and arrange encounters. Fire ’em up and get the oxytocin rush without the work requirements of a relationship.

The Snuggle Buddies


Snuggle Buddies employs dozens of “professional snugglers” throughout the world (more women than men, FYI). Browse the photos and hire one to come to your house (or meet at a hotel) for a few hours of non-sexual touch. All clients must sign an agreement promising not to engage in sexual activity; they are also asked to shower and brush their teeth ahead of time.

Snuggle sessions start at $60 for one hour and go up to $400 for a 10-hour overnight.


People will pay hundreds for a massage therapist, so why not a cuddle therapist? Similar to Snuggle Buddies, Cuddlist has a database of professional cuddlers dispersed throughout the country (they call them "certified cuddlists") who you can hire for weekly therapeutic sessions. What distinguishes this service is that the "cuddlists" want to form a bond with their clients over time (like a real therapist), and may request to meet for coffee beforehand.

Rates generally go for $80 an hour, depending on your cuddlist.

Cuddle Comfort

cuddle comfort

Looking for a cuddle on the cheap? has your back. This online matchmaking service is just like OkCupid, only with members looking for a good spooning.

According to their website, “More than 30,000 people from the United States and around the world use Cuddle Comfort... We help you create friendships based on cuddling that are pressure free and with no expectation of something more.”

CuddleComfort is free.



As the name suggests, Spoonr connects you with others in your vicinity who strictly want to curl up and cuddle. The app is all about brevity — once you send someone a message, you have 60 minutes to keep the conversation going or schedule a cuddle. Otherwise, the conversation expires.

Spoonr is free to download for iOS and Android.

Cuddle Party

cuddle parties

We’ve written about cuddle parties in detail. At Cuddle Party gatherings hosted in various locations (check out the schedule here), strangers come together for platonic touching. Rules are very strict, and at a party you must always ask permission before reaching out. You’re expected to be clear about where and what you want to touch. Violate these rules, and you will be asked to leave the snugglefest.

Ticket prices vary.


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