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The first season of the hit reality show “Election 2016” dominated the Nielsen ratings.

From the moment candidates declared their campaigns to the moment Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, the season was full of twists. The Republican side was punctuated by threats to "spill the beans," debates over the meaning of "New York values," new nicknames like "Lyin' Ted" and "Little Marco" and desperate calls for "civility" from a guy named Kasich. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders struggled (is still struggling?) to convince most Democrats that a smart, silver-haired socialist in black comfort shoes can win an election. And Hillary Clinton desperately tried to appeal to regular folks by using a Metrocard. The madness was so carnival-like, the debates so bizarre, "Election 2016" invaded America's psyche — literally.

That's why we were inspired to ask a few thousand people (members of Casper Labs) if they had any dreams about the election and if so, what they dreamt about. The responses were so...unique that we had to illustrate some of the craziest ones. 

1. "I went skiing and Bernie Sanders and I were on a lift together. He was yelling at me for not holding my ski poles correctly. That's all I remember." — Brian, Nashville, TN



2. "Trump was walking around with an obscenely large bottle opener, talking about New York and New Jersey combining into one state. Then he popped the top on a skyscraper and started drinking from it." — Name withheld


3. "Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were playing basketball and Hillary beat Trump. Trump said 'You’re fired!' and Hillary laughed and threw the ball in the basket. It bounced off the backboard and hit Trump in the head. The ball knocked his toupee off and he started calling for his mother and sucking his thumb." — Jennifer A., Grafton, MA

4. "I dreamt that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were in a fist fight, while Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton were in a slap fight, and Mike Tyson appeared out of the ceiling and beat up everyone and stood up on a desk and screamed 'I'M THE NEW PRESIDENT!'" — Toby A., Groesbeck, TX


5. "I dreamt that Ted was chewing on Donald's leg and Donald was defecating on Ted." — Name withheld

6. "Chris Christie was the captain of a boat that I was on and we were sailing in very rocky water. He kept telling us to calm down, but then a tidal wave came and he jumped overboard." — Name withheld

7. "It was the zombie apocalypse. Bernie was the leader of our tribe as we fought to survive."  — Ashley M., Raleigh, NC 

8. "I dreamt that Bernie Sanders was trapped in a building that was on fire. There were banks in blimps overhead raining money down to keep the flames going higher." — Ashley M., Raleigh, NC 

9. "I was at In-N-Out with my boyfriend, waiting in line to order. Trump came in and cut everyone in line, to order his own Double Double and Animal Style fries. That's enough to infuriate anyone in their right mind (so much so that it woke me up)." — Jackie M., Phoenix, AZ:


Illustrations via Ian Klarer.