Med thumb donald trump cropped

Donald Trump may proudly claim to operate on no more than four hours of sleep a night, but he’s apparently quite picky about where he rests his golden coif at night: the presidential hopeful is sacrificing precious hours on the campaign trail to spend the night in his own bed.

As reported by Reuters, the Donald has spent the last few months jetting back home to his apartment in Manhattan’s Trump Tower after several rallies and meet-and-greets in New Hampshire and Iowa. Ted Cruz and Chris Christie, on the other hand, have taken the more conventional approach of booking rooms in cheap budget motels so they can be among “the people.”

For comparison, the motel rooms in Missouri Valley, Iowa — where Cruz recently spent a night — look like this:

tripadvisor Missouri Valley iowa motel room 

Why stay here and act like a man of the people when you could fly back to your lavish NYC bedroom? 

Political pundits are suggesting that this makes Trump look icy and detached, and it’ll rub the voters of New Hampshire and Iowa the wrong way. Roger Stone, a friend and former adviser of Trump’s, innocently told Reuters that Trump is a homebody who “likes being in his own bed.”

Were he finally to complete the plans for his mass hypnosis gun and convince the populace to elect him into the White House, he might have some issues sleeping in the presidential bed. But, hey, at least this news shows that Trump is actually loyal to something.