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Donald Trump is a terribly coiffed, nonsense-spewing bombast whom no one should trust to judge a reality show, let alone run a country. But, to give him the props he doesn’t deserve and will likely never again receive from Van Winkle’s, the Donald did get one thing right: Jeb Bush is really boring.

The two presidential hopefuls, as Business Insider reported, are embroiled in an ongoing back-and-forth in which Bush derides Trump as a disingenuous conservative, and Trump proclaims Bush walking Ambien. 

Today, Trump went ahead and upped the ante by releasing a scathing “your-momma” joke fake commercial that touts Bush as an effective sleep aid.

"Having trouble sleeping at night?" asks a goofily voiced narrator. "Too much energy? Need some low energy? Jeb — for all your sleeping needs."

Here's the video:

Business Insider provided some extra context on the footage of the sleeping audience member, writing that she conked out “during one of Bush's speeches at New Hampshire's Foss Manufacturing. After that footage first emerged last week, Bush's campaign said the sleeping woman woke up at 4 a.m. that day for a 12-hour shift.”

But one question remains: What does it mean to “need low energy"? 

Well, even without Bush's somnolent voice, at least we can all sleep soundly tonight knowing that Trump couldn't issue something that makes complete sense.