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Studies repeatedly show the importance of sleep. In fact, generally speaking, 7-9 hours of shuteye is critical to staying alert, feeling energetic, making good decisions, being a great manager, appearing more intelligent and on and on. Yet it's still something that many people wrestle with, even some of the world's great leaders (or at least, famous people).

Their sleep habits can be downright strange. Can you match each quote to the right person? 

1. Took afternoon naps in his pyjamas


Churchill Quiz_CONTENT





Answer: Although it's entertaining to imagine Disney napping in Donald Duck-themed pajamas, Sir Winston Churchill — the UK's Prime Minister from 1940-1945 and 1951-1955 — was the powerful person napping in his jammys. The quote is from Tom de Castella for the BBC.

2. Gets by on fours hours a night







Answer: The likely Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, claims that he only sleeps four hours a night. Yes, that's correct — he's even better than you at (not) sleeping! The quote comes from Trump's 2004 book, "Think Like a Billionaire."

3. Binges on sleep every four months







Answer: The CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, is the sleep-deprived power broker trying to play catch-up while on holiday. The quote is from Jane Martinson of The Guardian.

4. Keeps Post-It notes by the bed







Answer: Which one of these powerful dudes is only sleeping as long as the first Godfather movie each night, with Post-It notes by his bed? Think well-manicured beard and sunglasses: the design mogul, Tom Ford. The quote is from Vito La Giorgia.

5. Manages on four hours a night







Answer: Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo, is the one that revealed her minimal sleep habits to Fortune. Is this whole sleep deprivation game the secret to success? We certainly hope not. 


6. Can sleep on command







Answer: If you guessed Hillary Clinton, you guessed right. As Van Winkle's reported earlier this year after, Clinton once talked about hunkering down for ten-minute naps whenever possible.

7. Likes to read and write into the night

 BarackObama Quote_CONTENT

 BarackObama Quiz_CONTENT





Answer: Although his predecessor, George W. Bush, reportedly slept a solid 8 hours each night, President Obama apparently keeps the White House's lights burning late into the night. The quote is from Politico’s Carrie Budoff Brown.

8. Tries to get by on too-few-hours to imagine


Jack Dorsey Quiz_CONTENT





Answer: Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and CEO of Square, is the one working two jobs in lieu of sleeping 8 hours a night. What "I don't sleep much" means exactly, we can only guess (and shudder) at. The quote comes from Jack D. himself. 

9. Basically just took a four-hour power nap each night








Answer: Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minster of the UK from 1979-1990, is notorious for getting woefully little sleep, although we imagine that Taylor Swift does her fair share of stay-up-all-night partying herself. Maybe with Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen. The quote comes from Sir Bernard Ingham, her Downing Street press secretary.

How'd you do?