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Sleep or Netflix? Sleep or Netflix? Sleep or Netflix? Aw, hell, Netflix it is.

If you’ve ever made the tough choice between getting sleep or continue binge-watching a TV show — and ultimately chose the latter — you’re not alone. About one-third of television viewers (31 percent) have admitted to losing sleep in order to binge-watch TV, according to a new research study from TiVo.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix original series like Orange Is the New Black and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are the most popular winners of this particular Sophie’s choice. Which makes complete sense — entire seasons are made available all at once. (Damn you, Kimmy Schmidt, your hilarious antics are killing us all.)

The terrible Binge-Watching Virus is also growing, according to the study that included more than 12,000 respondents. Ninety-two percent of people admitted they have binge-watched a show (defined as watching at least three episodes of the same program on one day), up slightly from 91 percent last year.

Even more fascinating: Only 30 percent of respondents said binge-watching has a negative perception. That’s down 53 percent from two years ago. We, as a society, are becoming gradually more accepting of this dastardly behavior.

Fellow Grace and Frankie fans — be no longer ashamed that you spent the whole weekend locked in a dark room.