Yutaka Dirks

Should Bosses Have Access to Workers’ Sleep Patterns? One Tech Company Thinks So
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Fatigue Science, who made a name for itself monitoring and improving the Seattle Seahawks' sleep habits, is hoping it's exhaustion-predicting software will lead to safer, more efficient workplaces. But there are big implications ahead if bosses enter our bedroom.
Sleep and Housing Are Basic Human Rights
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On December 10, International Human Rights Day, we speak with the UN's Leilani Farha.
What We Can Learn from the World’s Longest Hibernator
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The edible dormouse goes quiet for 11 months or more. Why can’t we do that?
The Demonologist and the Damned: What Keeps Andrew Pyper Up at Night?
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Award-winning thriller author talks to Van Winkle's about scaring readers and what haunts his dreams.