Theresa Fisher

Theresa Fisher is VW's science editor. She does her best sleeping in the early morning light and her best thinking late at night.

Behind the Blacklight: An Oral History of MTV's "Roomraiders"
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Before social media squashed the concept of TMI, before the Great Recession flatlined the country and before everyone stopped going to the mall, weekdays at 4:30 belonged to the teens with blacklights.
Dreaming About Your Bae Affects How You Feel About Them
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When you dream about your significant other cheating, do you wake up ready to fight?
The Summer My Sleep Fell Apart
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And how I stitched it back together.
When Daydreaming Replaces Dreaming
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We all daydream, but maladaptive daydreamers are consumed by their fantasies.
What Does it Mean to "Dream Like a Girl"?
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A new study on gendered dreaming sheds some light on the differences and similarities between the male and female subconscious.
The Link Between Skipping Sleep and Feeling Giddy
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Exhausted but happy? Well, short-term sleep deprivation can be a temporary upper.
What It's Like to Discover You Can't Visualize the World
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Aphantasiacs can't visualize images in their mind's eyes. But that doesn't stop them from dreaming.
How to Know When Your Boss is About to be a Jerk
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A simple change could help managers play nice, Monday through Friday.
Exploring the Sleep Struggles of a Genius: Franz Kafka's Insomnia
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Sleep struggles surfaced in the literary master's diaries.