Theresa Fisher

Theresa Fisher is VW's science editor. She does her best sleeping in the early morning light and her best thinking late at night.

Is It Harder to Resist Temptation at Certain Times of Day?
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Vices come out at night, according to a new paper.
People Who Remember Their Dreams Wake Up for at Least This Long
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Sound sleepers probably don't know what they dreamt about last night.
What the 'Ambien Walrus' Really Is, According to the Person Who Made It Up
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When you were hopped up on sleeping pills and bought all that Toblerone and snorkeling gear on Amazon? Yeah, that was Walrus.
Most (Norwegian) Adults Don't Read in Bed
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Per a recent study from Norway.
Are Insomniacs Prone to Loneliness?
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A new study explores the connection between being sleepless and feeling friend-less.
Are Nature Sounds More Relaxing Than White Noise?
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Hyper-stressed people benefit from nature sounds the most.
A Sleep-Deprived Person Won't Know if You're Happy or Sad Unless You Make it Really Obvious
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Sleep loss alters our ability to interpret facial expressions.
Study: 28-Hour Shifts Take a Toll on First-Year Doctors
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But shortened shifts have downsides, too.