Theresa Fisher

Theresa Fisher is VW's science editor. She does her best sleeping in the early morning light and her best thinking late at night.

Binge-Watching TV Leaves Us Too Excited to Sleep
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Rest comes to those who consume their shows one episode at a time.
Did Owls and Larks Evolve Because Sleeping in Shifts Promoted Survival?
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The first study to test the "sentinel hypothesis" in humans.
You (Probably) Can't Sneeze in Your Sleep, and Other News in Sleep
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Your weekly nightcap.
The Summer My Sleep Fell Apart
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And how I stitched it back together.
The Longer Immigrants Live in America, the More Their Sleep Suffers
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And other Insight from a new paper examining the relationship between sleep duration and birthplace.
Is a Sense of Purpose the Way to Solid Sleep?
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A recent study supports the health benefits of a meaningful existence.
Why You're Most Likely to Take Risks When You're Only a Little Bit Tired
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Is moderate sleepiness the sweet spot for living on the edge?
Why Aren't Pets Part of the Co-Sleeping Conversation?
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A new paper says sharing beds with dogs and babies raise a lot of the same questions.
Nope, Sleep Restriction Isn't New
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But it is effective.