Theresa Fisher

Theresa Fisher is VW's science editor. She does her best sleeping in the early morning light and her best thinking late at night.

Study: People with BFFs Sleep Better
Psychologists at the University of Utah find people with supportive social networks get better sleep. And no, a lot of coworkers don't count.
Yes, Sleep Deprivation Makes Us Emotional Basketcases
Behavioral scientists at Florida’s Nova Southeastern University are researching why exhausted people turn into total Debbie Downers. Van Winkle's reports.
Sleep Crimes, Parasomnia and Justice in the Age of Medicated Slumber
Can we be held accountable for crimes and misdeeds we commit while sleepwalking and under the influence of sleep aids? Should we held accountable? Van Winkle's asks the experts who are wrestling with these very sensitive issues.
Why Do I Feel Like I’m Falling Right Before I Go to Sleep?
That feeling of falling right before dozing off is a harmless involuntary muscle spasm called a hypnic jerk.
Is It Dangerous to Sleep with My Contacts In?
Sleeping with your contacts is playing eye-care roulette, explains Dr. Mark Eltis, an Ontario-based optometrist and clinical professor who focuses on eye disease.
Airbnb Wants to be More than Just Bedrooms on Demand
Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky wants to host one million guests-per-night by summer.
Is This Really the “Most Calming Video in the World”?
More than six million viewers have flocked to watch a video that many allege has powerfully soothing effects.
Can We Become Less Racist in Our Sleep?
Through novel memory reactivation technique, Northwestern researchers believe they can help us overcome gender and race biases in our sleep.