Theresa Fisher

Theresa Fisher is VW's science editor. She does her best sleeping in the early morning light and her best thinking late at night.

Uber and Lyft Are Trying to Tackle Drowsy Driving
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Car- and ride-sharing services can no longer ignore the hazards.
9 Neat Facts About the Science of Dreaming
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Watching black and white TV = black and white dreams.
People Who Eat Soy Might Get Better ZZZs
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A new study links soy-rich diet to healthy sleep.
What the Genes of 90,000 "Morning People" Can Teach Us About Sleep
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Courtesy of genetic data from 23andMe customers.
How We Devised the Van Winkle's Sleep Debt Clock
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A look at the methodology behind the madness.
Why ‘Synaptic Pruning’ is Everywhere — And What it Means to You
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A landmark new study shows that the neurological process, during which the brain sheds old, weak connections to make room for new ones, has far-reaching implications for us all.
Is Finland’s Baby Sleep Box Finally Coming to America?
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Expectant mothers in Finland get a box full of goodies that doubles as a temporary crib.
New Discovery About Our Brain’s Potential Could Be Key to Artificial Intelligence
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The discovery that our brains hold ten times more memory than originally thought could unlock the supermachines of the future.
How to Spot An Anxious Person by The Way They Walk
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One study has an unusual finding.