Theresa Fisher

Theresa Fisher is VW's science editor. She does her best sleeping in the early morning light and her best thinking late at night.

Fall Asleep to Ghost Against Ghost's Bedtime Playlist
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When it's time to fall asleep, composer-slash-producer-slash-everything Christopher Bono relies on his favorite classical composers to "induce sleepy visions."
Stock Photo Sites Rarely Show Babies Sleeping Properly
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Only about 5 percent of stock photos meet all the infant safe-sleep guidelines.
Why We Should Pay Attention to Sleep in the Wake of a Natural Disaster
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What's being done to help survivors of natural disasters get the sleep they need?
Help! I Haven't Been Able to Sleep Since My Cat Died
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Three experts weigh in on one person's sleep problem.
Fall Asleep to Vulfpeck's Bedtime Playlist
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The funk jam band's drummer and keyboardist, Jack Stratton, says eating beans has stabilized his sleep more than any blackout curtain could.
Study: Let Your Dog Into Your Bedroom (If You Want)
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Is the one with the waggly tail your go-to bedfellow?
Seven Things to Know About the Link Between Sleep and Academic Performance
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A new study shows that even 18 minutes more sleep can have a significant impact, and more.
Is Insomnia Really an Epidemic?
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Or have we just medicalized sleeplessness?
Insomniac Moms Have Kids With Sleep Problems, and Other News in Sleep
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Your weekly nightcap.