Matt Christensen

The Best Sleep Positions for a Bad Back, Knee or Shoulder
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A chiropractic sports physician runs down the injuries.
Television's Most Underrated Dream Episodes
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From Roman Tunics to Baby Doll Bedwear, the Evolution of Pajamas
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The 7 Greatest Sleep-Powered Comic Book Characters
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Taking a nap is hardly a super power (unless you can do it at work without getting caught). But these comic book characters can tap into the worlds of dreams, nightmares and slumber to manifest powers that can keep you up at night.
Ten Late-Night Snacks to Help You Sleep Soundly
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From raw garlic to elk meat, these bedtime snacks will summon the Sandman.
The Evolution of the Alarm Clock
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The humble origins of the alarm clock, how it evolved from a self-imposed bladder-based system to the bedside scourge we love to hate today.