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Matt Berical

Matt is VW's Senior Editor. .

The Government Wants Middle Aged People to Sleep More
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A forthcoming national health campaign in the UK will focus on improving on middle aged sleep.
How to Talk to Your Children About Nightmares
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Child psychologist Dr. David Palmiter discusses the different ways you can talk to your kids about bad dreams.
Drawing from His Dreams: Meet Lee Hadwin, the Sleepwalking Artist
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Described as an anomaly by the world's most renowned sleep clinics, Lee Hadwin, known as the sleepwalking artist, is able to produce beautiful drawings while asleep.
Sleep Is the Next Great Class Struggle: A Conversation with RM Vaughan
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Novelist, playwright and artist RM Vaughan discusses his new book Bright Eyed and why sleep will soon be a sought after commodity.
'Devastating Dreams' Places You Inside a Folklore-Fueled Nightmare
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The psychological horror game, up for funding on Kickstarter now, deals with nightmares, pregnancy and Filipino folklore.
Three Reasons Why Humans Evolved to Connect Sex and Sleep
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Dr. Sue Carter, director of the Kinsey Institute, shares her thoughts on the deeper relationship between sex and sleep, and oxytocin's role in connecting them
Bear Grylls’ Tips for Sleeping Safe in the Wilderness
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Television's most well known survivalist, Bear Grylls, shares his advice for resting your head when you're really roughing it.
How I Sleep: Ultra-Marathoner Josh Cox
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American World Record Holder for the 50K and four-time Olympic Marathon qualifier Josh Cox sets a bedtime alarm and has no problem falling asleep on the floor.
No Sensors Needed: ApneaApp Uses Sonar to Diagnose Sleep Apnea from Your Bedside
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The forthcoming ApneaApp, created by Dr. Nathaniel Watson, professor of neurology and co-director of the UW Medicine Sleep Center, diagnoses sleep apnea without any wires or uncomfortable overnight stays at a clinic.