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Matt Berical

Matt is VW's Senior Editor. .

Wedding Week Tip: Sleep Like You Would Before a Marathon
How a trick from top athletes can help stave off wedding week stress.
The Artistic Power of Sleep Paralysis
A conversation with Carla McKinnon, founder of the Sleep Paralysis Project.
Country Musician Scotty McCreery on Elvis Clocks and Sleeping on a Tour Bus with 12 Guys
The American Idol winner cum platinum-selling country music star discusses his new tour, childhood bedroom and why you should never speak to him in the early morning.
How Good Sleep Can Help Mend a Broken Heart
Sleep heals the mind as much as it heals the body. But only if you're ready for it.
Her Snoring is a Horrible, Beautiful Thing
My finance's snoring keeps me up at night. I wouldn't want it any other way.
Yes, the Moon Affects Our Sleep Patterns
Yes, earth's lone satellite messes with our sleep patterns. Well, sort of.
Artist Brings Sleeping Disorders to Life With Wickedly Beautiful Animations
You've never seen sleep paralysis rendered quite like this.
9-Time Ironman Meredith Kessler on Why Good Sleep is Her Greatest Weapon
For the Red Bull-sponsored athlete, rest is more essential than nutrition or exercise.
Do Sleeping Positions Dictate Our Dreams?
The side you favor may influence your dream more than you know.