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Jeremy Grossman

Jeremy Grossman is VW's staff writer. Talk to him about your favorite dreamy movies and 24 hour diners.

Why Do I Have Sex Dreams About the “Wrong” Gender?
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A personal exploration.
How Christmas Is Celebrated Around the World
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Thought dreaming of sugarplums was a bit strange? These odd seasonal traditions take the fruitcake.
Swipe Right to Spoon: 5 Services that Cater to Cuddle Buddies
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Snuggling is having a moment.
It’s a Cliché, but the “Sleep Cute” Is an Honest Sign of Intimacy
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The act of falling asleep with someone is even more powerful than kissing or sex.
Meditation Can Be as Restorative as Stage-IV Sleep
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"Meditation actually offers some of the similar benefits — cognitively and physically — from a recovery and a regeneration standpoint as stage-IV deep sleep," says mindfulness-expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins
Many Moms Won't Admit to Co-Sleeping, But Do It Anyway
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The topic is too touchy to even bring up with their doctors.
Where Does Daylight Saving Time Come From?
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Everything you need to know about the practice of pushing the clocks.
People Who Get Good Sleep Appear "More Intelligent"
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Want that promotion? Get some ZZZ's.
Why 'The Truman Show' Is the Essential Lucid Dreaming Movie
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According to an expert lucid dreamer, the Jim Carrey vehicle really gets to the heart of the experience.