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Jeremy Grossman

Jeremy Grossman is VW's staff writer. Talk to him about your favorite dreamy movies and 24 hour diners.

How Christmas Is Celebrated Around the World
Thought dreaming of sugarplums was a bit strange? These odd seasonal traditions take the fruitcake.
It’s a Cliché, but the “Sleep Cute” Is an Honest Sign of Intimacy
The act of falling asleep with someone is even more powerful than kissing or sex.
Meditation Can Be as Restorative as Stage-IV Sleep
"Meditation actually offers some of the similar benefits — cognitively and physically — from a recovery and a regeneration standpoint as stage-IV deep sleep," says mindfulness-expert Dr. Rebecca Robbins
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Everything you need to know about the practice of pushing the clocks.
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According to an expert lucid dreamer, the Jim Carrey vehicle really gets to the heart of the experience.
The Case for Cuddling with Your Bros
New research suggests that platonic spoon sessions may help men battle stress.
5 Everyday Things You Can Do to Learn Mindfulness
Too often, our minds are caught on things we did in the past (“Why did I sing “Pony” at office karaoke?”) or worry about things we might do in the future (“What if I my date tomorrow night hates my back tattoo?”). To live purely in the ...