Grennan Milliken

How Do the Yeti and Sasquatch Get Shuteye? The Experts Weigh In
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Okay, okay — hard-to-find creatures. Maybe we can't find Bigfoot because he's been sleeping so much?
The Extreme Sleeping Quarters of Astronauts, Underwater Explorers and Antarctic Researchers
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No matter the environment, we must all sleep. Here's how those in some of the harshest and most stressful circumstances catch their Zzzs.
What Helped Us Evolve From Primates? Learning How to Make Our Beds
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Since they have to worry less about predators, primates who sleep in tree nests achieve more deep sleep — a trait crucial to development.
The Peculiar Sleep Habits of Our Favorite Animals
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Did you know that some sharks do stop swimming to sleep? Or that a bald eagle extends its talons when napping so that it doesn't fall over?