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Why the Hell Did the Grandparents in "Willy Wonka" Sleep Four to a Bed?
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In honor of the film's 45th anniversary, we answer this very pressing question.
The Hidden Meaning Behind Ferris Bueller's Bedroom
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This weekend, at Chicago's Ferris Fest, you can tour an exact replica of the lovable slacker's bedroom. We spoke to the artist behind it, who filled us in on a few secrets hidden deep within the decor.
Want to Experience a Lucid Dream? Try this Video Game
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The Japanese cult-classic "LSD: Dream Emulator" perfectly recreates the surreality of the dreaming space.
Comic Book Icon Todd McFarlane on Nocturnal Inspiration and Night Terrors
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The comics legend and Spawn creator never has trouble sleeping because he gets his demons out on the page.