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A NASA Psychologist on the "Pervasive" Use of Sleep-Aids Among Astronauts
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A conversation with NASA research psychologist — and circadian rhythms expert — Erin Flynn-Evans
Virtual Reality Headsets Will Change Dreaming As We Know It
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If the tech takes off, the science of dreaming will never be the same.
Could Electroshock Therapy Awaken Your Dreams?
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Buzzing the brain with strategic shocks seems to unlock some sort of dream-like state. If the tech improves will it lead to a future of on-demand dreaming?
Homo Erectus, Come on Down!
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Once early man came down from the trees and slept on the ground, they learned how to dream. And everything changed.
Meet the Biggest Fans of Our Worst Nightmares
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By all accounts, sleep paralysis is a horrifying experience. So why is an intrepid group of dream explorers willfully pursuing it?