Adam Bulger

Sleeping Pills for Kids, Why Not?
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At some point, every parent has asked, "Why aren't there baby-sized sleeping pills?" Here's why.
Baby Sleep Basics: 18 to 24 Months
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As the Terrible Two's approach, it's time to get your toddler's sleep routine in order.
Baby Sleep Basics: Six to Nine Months
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What to expect when you're expecting your six-month-old to sleep.
It Was All a Dream! Really? The Best and Worst Examples of this Cheap Trick
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Few TV and movie tropes can alienate audiences like "It was all a dream!" revelations. Adam Bulger runs down the list of this cliche's best and worst offenders.
12 Overused Dream Sequence Clichés
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Dream sequences can be amazing, as anyone who’s seen Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound can tell you. But most directors opt for quick and dirty dream scenes, which means audiences are treated to familiar sights whenever characters fall asleep in front of the camera.
The Importance of Bedtime Rituals for Babies and Young Children
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How do you get a baby to go to sleep? The same way you get to Carnegie Hall: with a lot of practice. While babies don’t yet understand words, they can understand when it’s time for bed when parents have carefully put bedtime rituals in ...