Adam Bulger

How the Hays Code Forced On-Screen Couples into Separate Beds — and Changed Hollywood Forever
The Hays Code, created in the 1930s to uphold moral standards, not only affected sex and violence, but also how men and women could interact on screen. Bed sharing was a no-no.
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The Master of Night is an Invisible Spirit That Bonks You to Sleep with a Pillow
Oh, and per Menominee Indian lore he was created by a tricky, shape-shifting rabbit.
How to Say "Goodnight" Around the World
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The Inventor of the Power Nap Shares the Secrets to the Mid-Day Doze
James Maas, the man who coined the term "power nap", lays down the laws of napping and explains why poor sleep was the downfall of the U.S. hockey team in Sochi.
From TV Static to Busy Signals: 7 Obsolete Sounds That Used to Send People to Sleep
These noises were once a natural part of peoples' nighttime routine. Now they've gone the way of the dial-up modem.
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Adventure Time’s Princess Bubblegum Explains How to Read a Bedtime Story the Right Way
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