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We knew Uncle Joey was the wacky one by the comedic props laying about. And Uncle Jesse’s love for all-things rock ’n roll was immediately evident when you stepped foot into his. Meanwhile, Stephanie, DJ and Michelle’s interests were in full view whenever we watched them do homework or have a heart-to-heart.

Plastered with 90s memorabilia, decorated with the trendiest trinkets the times had to offer and even laced with subtle in-jokes that only repeat viewings and episodic dissections could uncover, the "Full House" cast’s rooms were a major part of a major show.

In honor of Netflix's "Fuller House", we decided to take a tour of the Tanner Family bedrooms and uncover some storied artifacts. As you prepare to binge the next step in the show's evolution, don’t be surprised if you see some nods to any of the following items. 

Lips Phone

As seen in: DJ & Stephanie’s Room, Opening Credits


If DJ Tanner was on the phone, two things were certain. One, Kimmy Gibbler was on the other line, and two she was gabbing into a giant set of lips. This iconic handset practically defined pre-teen girl communication in the 90s, thanks to its place on DJ’s dresser. And, yes, you can totally still buy them from China.


As seen in: Uncle Joey’s…alcove?


In the early season’s of the show, living space was tight. So, Joey Gladstone was relegated to an alcove under the stairs. He made the space his own, though, sprucing it up with posters and decorations, the strangest of which was a mannequin that was always dressed in the same outfit he was wearing.

Mr. Bear

As seen in: Stephanie’s Bed (usually)


Though not exclusively beholden to Stephanie’s bedroom, the iconic Mr. Bear (who some claim is played by vintage stuffed animal Humphery Beargart) made appearances on more than a dozen episodes, and dealt with his fair share of calamities. He was once lost, eaten, and traded but, thankfully, always returned home safely. When the reason for Stephanie’s attachment to Mr. Bear is revealed, it’s even a bit of a tearjerker – Mr. Bear was a gift from her mother before she died. 

George Michael Poster

As seen in: DJ & Stephanie’s Room


This one actually makes a lot of sense. George Michael was huge in the late 80s, but made a decent solo run in the 90s, during the Full House heyday. So, it makes sense that the girls would plaster their walls with the controversial rock icon. The poster lasted several seasons until DJ Moved out and got her own room.  

Pillow Person

As seen in: DJ’s Bed


Referred to by DJ as a “sophisticated companion”, this vintage 80s Pillow Person (real name: “Window Rattler”) was DJ’s pal for the duration of her pre-teens and tweens. The Pillow Person came under heavy fire during an episode (Season 3, Episode 22) in which Michelle is allowed to choose a new toy: the options being the Pillow Person or Mr. Bear. Lucky for DJ, Michelle picks Mr. Bear (SPOILER: She gives it back in the end), and the Pillow Person is returned safely to the bedroom.

Yellow Radio

As seen in: Stephanie & DJ’s Bedroom / Kimmy’s Bedroom


This seemingly innocuous yellow 90s cassette player must have been an in-joke on the Full House set. It showed up in a lot of episodes, as well as the opening credits. (It even appeared in in Kimmy Gibbler’s bedroom [See below]). Maybe it was one of those “Full House Universe” Easter Eggs, like Stan Lee’s appearance in every Marvel movie. We can only hope to see it gathering dust on a shelf somewhere in the Fuller House.


As seen in: DJ & Stephanie’s Room / Stephanie & Michelle’s Room


It sounds innocuous, but this wooden table was home to many Tanner family summits, from punishments to heart-to-heart talks (and lots of life lessons). Uncle Jesse even made Stephanie sit at this table and call grade school outcast Walter F. Burhman and apologize for calling him “Duckface”. 


As seen in: Uncle Jesse's Bedroom


When wannabe musician Uncle Jesse first moved in to the Tanner House, he knew he had to rock out the joint. Enter: his jukebox, which survived almost every season of the show, ultimately moving its way into his post-marriage attic dwelling. Only one song was ever played on it, though. Give up? After Becky left him at the altar in Lake Tahoe, Uncle Jesse wallowed to the tune of “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay” until the show ended (shocker) on a happy note.

Murphy Bed

As seen in: Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky’s Attic Apartment


In season four, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky debate moving out and getting their own place. Yeah, right. Instead, producers moved them up into the Tanner attic, which UJ completely remodeled, including an oft-seen Murphy bed that was a source of countless jokes during its installation. It would malfunction and go up, then down, then up, then down, and UJ would be trapped in the middle. Later in the season, a set of twins were also conceived on this Full House relic. 

Barney Bear

As seen in: Michelle’s Room


Albeit creepy, this giant plush bear was a comfort to little Michelle Tanner as she fell asleep every night. Michelle even brought Barney the Bear when she was exiled from her room (to make way for DJ), a decision that irked her new roommate, older sister Stephanie Tanner. 

Pencil Bed

As seen in: Michelle’s Room


When Michelle went from sleeping like a baby to sleeping like a big girl, she graduated to a brand new bed – complete with pencil bedposts. Though her first night was a little rough, Michelle settled in, and the bed became a bedroom fixture for the next few seasons.

Hole In Wall

As seen in: Danny Tanner’s Room


One of the rare glimpses into Danny Tanner’s bedroom revealed what you’d expect of an OCD neat freak. Carefully arranged shirts, socks, shoes…and a giant hole in the wall? When DJ and Stephanie got into a fight over wearing one of their dad’s shirts, they accidentally tore the closet rod down. Further bickering led them to smashing it through the wall. And a botch patch job meant that it would have to be hidden forever. They moved his dresser just a bit to the right to cover it, and we can only assume it’s still there to this day. 

Michelle’s Rocking Chair

As Seen In: Michelle’s Room


This rocking chair was the site of more canned “awwwws” than any other Full House locale. Whether it was one of the guys rocking baby Michelle to sleep, or a fish-out-of-water heart-to-heart moment between Michelle and one of her “dads”, this rocker saw it all. 

Pink Bunny

As seen in: Stephanie’s Room, Uncle Jesse’s Room, Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky’s Attic


Probably the most discussed icon of Full House bedroom lore, the pink bunny traces its roots back to young Stephanie Tanner’s bedroom wallpaper. When Uncle Jesse (and Joey) moved in to help Danny raise the girls, UJ bunked up in Stephanie’s room, always lamenting, but never removing the border of lagomorphs questioning his masculinity with every hop. Fast forward to season four, and newlyweds Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky contemplated moving out of the house (in an episode called, no joke, “Fuller House”) which would, in turn, lead to the destruction of the wallpaper. Saddest of all about this turn of events was Michelle, who had grown attached to the pink bunnies for what they represented – the softer side of her Uncle Jesse. A compromise was made, and a single pink bunny was spared, framed, and hung proudly in Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky’s newly-renovated attic loft, where it watched over them like a rosy gargoyle. 

Kimmy Gibbler’s Shoe Phone

As seen in: Kimmy Gibbler’s Bedroom


Clearly, Kimmy Gibbler is a sports fan. How else would she have one of these premium 1990 Sports Illustrated sneaker phones at her bedside? Gibbler’s feet were a constant gag on the show – their potency the stuff of legends — so this prop is an ironic twist on her foot funk. Hey — what’s that behind her? That radio looks familiar…

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