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Editorial Policy

At Van Winkle’s, we’re dedicated to the subject of sleep. We’re relentlessly curious to learn how those eight hours (on a good night) impact and inform the other 16.

With this as our mission, we publish a wide variety of editorial content, from original reporting to pointed opinionation to casual blog posts, and everything in between. Whether it’s an in-depth investigation of junk science or a light-hearted slideshow of sleepy kittens, all of our editorial is held to the same high standard. We expect the most from our journalists, and our editing process is appropriately rigorous. If you spot an error or misstep, please let us know.

Like every other publication in the world, we receive samples, prototypes and other items directly from manufacturers or through their agents, at no cost, in the hopes that we will review them. Sometimes, we do. We strive to be objective when reviewing all products, no matter their source.

No individual, company or brand can pay to be featured or reviewed on Van Winkle’s. It is solely Van Winkle’s editors who decide the direction and specifics of our editorial coverage. We expect our writers to research and report on issues that interest them, without any outside biases. Occasionally, we may partner with other websites, apps or services to distribute our editorial content. Though we choose our partners carefully, we cannot be held responsible for their own editorial decisions.

With more #content being produced than ever before in human history, we appreciate that readers have options. Thank you for sleeping with Van Winkle’s. Please contact us anytime with questions or concerns.