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If there's anything The Simpsons fans love more than debating the series' best season (Season 7, FYI), it's quoting the show's classic episodes. Therefore it has been an especially cromulent week for fans, as a team of developers recently unveiled the Frinkiac, a search engine that lets users look up any quote from the show's entire 27-season-and-counting run and morph it into a meme.

The quote generator is a perfect reminder that the show has made us think about everything, from the existence of the soul to the fact that there might be a hidden recipe for lentil soup hidden inside the recording of "Maybe I'm Amazed."

It's a testament to the show's quality that it's even made its viewers think profoundly about something as common as shuteye. Via the Frinkiac, here are eight instances the show had us musing about sleep.

1. How it's not really better to sleep alone:

the simpsons quote 1-1

the simpsons quote 1-1

2. How dreams are so much better than reality:

the simpsons quote 2

3. How there's so much we can do with a bed:

the simpsons quote 3

4. How our subconscious can really mess with us:

the simpsons quote 5

5. How even adults get traumatized by nightmares:

the simpsons quote 5-1
the simpsons quote 5-2

6. How drowsy driving is a serious issue:

the simpsons quote 6-1
the simpsons 6-2
the simpsons motel room

7. How not everyone feels strongly about naps:

the simpsons 7-1
the simpsons 7-2
the simpsons 7-3

8. How there's no place we would rather be than our bed:

the simpsons 8