Med thumb sleepover movie collage

While the Gen Z kids of today may snapchat every second of a sleepover, ‘90s kids had more traditional forms of entertainment. All we needed for slumber parties were Gushers, a few games of “light as a feather, stiff as a board” and the latest Blockbuster rental.

We may not have had Netflix, but you bet your Tamagatchi our movie choices were unparalleled.

The success of any sleepover party largely depended on your flick pick. Was it going to be a Disney Channel Original Movie (shout out to Zenon and Johnny Tsunami), or a feature starring every girl’s first on-screen crush, Devon Edward Sawa? Films were plentiful — but none were as classic as these seven.  Sit back on your inflatable chair, and enjoy some night time nostalgia.

1. “The Mighty Ducks,” 1992

The surprise success of this goofy hockey movie starring Emilio Estevez and a young Joshua Jackson spurred a full film trilogy, a secure spot in the video rental market and a real-life Mighty Ducks NHL hockey team (known today as the Anaheim Ducks). Plus, it paved the way for the slew of youth sports movies that dominated the ‘90s, from “The Sandlot” and  “Rookie of the Year” to  “Ladybugs” and “Little Giants” But, undoubtedly, the best part of watching TMD was shouting one of the greatest chants in sports history — “QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!” — at the TV with your friends.

2. “Blank Check,” 1994

This movie was essentially a teen dream played out on screen. Who wouldn’t want to watch an 11-year-old spend a million dollars in a few epic days? It was awesome seeing pre-teen Preston living large under his alias (Macintosh) while trying to avoid the vengeful bank robber who gave him the titular check in exchange for nearly running him over. Despite the fact that Preston couldn’t actually afford half the things he bought during his shopping spree (including a castle, go-kart track, full time limo driver and water slide), it was still fun to fantasize with the sleepover squad what you would do with a million bucks.

3. “The Little Rascals,” 1994

We know what you’re thinking — how did a movie about a He-Man Women Haters Club led by a bunch of little boys land on a list of top sleepover party movies? Because while the adorable and oh-so mischievous Alfafa, Spanky and Buckwheat may lead the club, it’s darling Darla who saves the day in the film’s most important scene — the soapbox car rally. Girls rule. Besides a brief cameo from Donald Trump, The Little Rascals was a practically perfect pick for any sleepover party.   

4. “Now and Then,” 1995

Among the cemetery séances, an obsession with deceased Dear Johnny, a nearly fatal storm drain-accident, cigarette-smoking Vietnam deserters and the trials and tribulations of trying to tape down blossoming boobs, “Now and Then” was an impressively adult film for a sleepover. Despite the heavy drama, it was still a must watch thanks to a solid soundtrack of ’70s classics and the sexually awakening affect of Devon Sawa’s blue eyes and blonde locks.

5. “Heavyweights,” 1995

Remember that time Judd Apatow co-wrote a movie before he was “Judd Apatow” and cast Ben Stiller as a sociopathic weight-loss camp counselor to create one of the best summer camp movies of all time? Every kid of the ‘90s does. Watching this fat-camp film while gorging on Dunkaroos, Airheads and Cheezballs was a weekend ritual for many, and the modern day equivalent to chugging wine and ordering Seamless during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

6. “Space Jam,” 1996

Bugs Bunny and the Tune Squad team up with Michael Jordan to challenge the Monstars, an intergalactic group of formerly pint-size aliens who stole talent from real NBA players, in a high-stakes basketball game. If they lose, they'll be thelatest attraction at an evil alien amusement park. Could there have been anything more suited to a sleepover? Rumor has it LeBron James may star in "Space Jam 2", which means there will definitely be #TBT viewing parties soon to come.

7. “The Parent Trap,” 1998

Let’s forget the fact that a major plot point of this movie centers around two adults who divorced and, unbeknownst to anyone, decided to raise their identical twin girls separately. The rest of the movie is pure sleepover joy: full of pranks and switcheroos that inspired our own schemes. And I’m not saying that I tried to pierce my friend’s ear at a sleepover with a needle, ice and an apple while eating Oreos and peanut butter just like in the film, but I’m also not saying that.